I fell in love with homes and selling real estate in 1999, at the time I was studying to be a nurse and had just started working with Liz.  I quickly realized how much I love this industry, I changed my career goals and never looked back!  I’m the third generation of real estate agents in my family, so I guess selling homes is just in my blood.

I have a strong passion for homes, decorating & design, working with people to achieve their goals, and getting results.  Having happy clients after a transaction has closed, is the most rewarding part of all my work.  Every day and every transaction is different and I love that, there’s never a dull moment!  I believe that working with a like-minded team is the key to our success, selling and buying homes has so many intricate parts, that without our team, seems unimaginable and consuming!  We are like a small family, we are always there to support each other, to learn from, cheer for and motivate one another.

My husband Chris and I have 1 daughter.  Our daughter loves coming to the office and playing ‘the boss’, so who knows, maybe she’ll continue the legacy and become the 4th generation agent.  When I’m not selling homes, I enjoy unwinding by spending time with my family & friends, trail riding on our side-by-side, going to the lake, or just relaxing outside listening to nature.