I had the pleasure of joining Liz, my Aunt, in 1999. I came from a nursing background, so real estate was a big adjustment and what I’ve learned over the years is priceless. I work with all of our clients once they have a signed contract and are in the ‘pending’ phase, all the way through closing. I make sure that all of the details needed are done and in place to make sure that the buyer and seller get to the closing table and that none of the many details fall through the cracks. I realize that this part of the transaction can be stressful at times, so I’m there to make sure everything gets done, that is as seamless and stress-free or the client as possible. From negotiating repairs, setting up appraisals, to coordinating closings, I make sure that everything stays on track.  This part of a real estate transaction can be the trickiest because there are many companies and other parties involved, with nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve closed thousands of deals and have many checklists in place, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands! Keeping your deal together I my number one priority!