Using a Realtor to Sell Your House Fast in Katy, TX

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At Liz Carter & Team Realty, all of the real estate skills that we put to use for our clients who buy a home are the same skills we can put to work for you in selling your home. Because we have an in-depth knowledge of the features that buyers are looking for in any particular area (See Our Neighborhoods Page), we can tailor our work in selling your house directly toward the kinds of buyers who would be most interested so you can get top dollar for your home. We use a variety of real estate resources to do so.
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Licensed Realtors Selling Real Estate as Homes or Investment Properties

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In the intensely competitive real estate industry, Liz Carter & Team Realty stands out, even among the top real estate companies in the area. We do more for our clients in business savvy ways to make sure you are satisfied with the entire real estate transaction. Some of the strategies and resources we would use to help you sell your home include:
  • A free in-home listing presentation. A “listing presentation” is an industry term for the formal presentation that a professional realtor makes to prospective home sellers to earn their trust and business. You should never consider listing your house for sale with any real estate agent before seeing their presentation! We would love the opportunity to make such a presentation to you. To arrange a presentation, fill out the electronic form below.
  • Setting a competitive asking price. Because we know real estate listings inside and out and help arrange home appraisals, we know what other sellers are getting in your area, what elements of your own home affect the asking price, and we can help you make a comparable, successful listing.
  • Using every listing tool available. We don't limit ourselves to one listing website or resource. We know the many tools that are out there, and we use them all, from national listing sites like Zillow (and many others) to local classified listings to social media to word-of-mouth among our network of other real estate agents in the area.
  • Simplifying your life by handling the paperwork. Any major financial transaction has a lot of forms to fill out. At Liz Carter & Team Realty, we know how to keep the paperwork straightforward for you and for your buyer while also making sure we are completely accurate.
  • Home staging. This can include arranging your existing furniture to optimize the feel of your house, bringing in a professional home stager who has access to furniture and accessories to either supplement or replace what you have, or even virtual home staging, where photos of your empty home have virtual furniture and accessories added for online listings.  Staging your home usually brings a higher price, making the additional staging fee worth it.
  • Photography. Every successful home listing depends on quality photos of the home and property. We know what makes a good photo, and we make sure your listing has your home looking its best.
  • Cleaning services. We have contractors we generally use for this, but by going through your realtor, you only have to contact one person (your expert realtor) who is managing the many other background services that make a home most attractive for sale.
  • Conducting open houses and walkthroughs. Getting potential home buyers to look at your home is our specialty.
  • Managing negotiations with the buyer. We go to bat for you to sell your house according to your personal needs (price vs. speed, etc.).

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All of these features and more are available to you when you enlist the help of a licensed real estate agent at our agency, Liz Carter & Team Realty. In the Katy, Cypress, Cinco Ranch, and Richmond areas, there is no one better to handle the sale of your home.
Call (281) 391-7653 or (281) 392-2910 to take the first steps into your real estate adventure with us.
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