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We love living in Katy, Texas! And not just as real estate agents.  Originally a hunting ground for the Karankawa Native American Tribe, Katy has continued to grow as an area where many make their living off the land. Agriculture and the nearby railway system have made Katy a solid suburb of Houston, where people can raise a family, start a business, or just settle down to live a comfortable suburban life. 

In addition to the features specific to Katy listed below, Katy to Houston is a short 30-minute commute, bringing the benefits of living in a big city to this smaller outlying area. The short commute opens up many employment opportunities.

As a modern agricultural community, Katy is proud to host:
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Katy Real Estate:
Neighborhood Information and Details

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If Katy doesn't feel "just right," you might consider buying a home in nearby Fulshear, Texas if you want a real small-town feel, or you might consider relocating to Richmond, Texas, a larger suburb of Houston.

Population of Katy: 21,729 (2020 Census Estimate)
Median Household Income: $83,091 (2019)
Median Home Price: $355,000 (2021)
School Districts: Katy Independent School District
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