Investment Properties in Katy, TX

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At Liz Carter & Team Realty, we are proud of our industry-recognized position as some of the top realtors in the Katy area. Our extensive (more than 30 years!) real estate experience qualifies us to help those interested in investing in residential real estate just as much as our individual home buyers. 

Clients who are looking for a home that's ideal as a rental property or could work as a short-term investment by renovating a house for resale (sometimes called "flipping a house") have very different needs than those who are buying a home for themselves to live in. The features they're looking for are different and their mortgage lender needs are different. Despite these differences, Liz Carter & Team Realty has real estate experts in all areas of buying and selling houses, and we're here to work for you.
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Benefits of Real Estate Investment:
Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

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When you're ready to consider investments other than typical means like pensions, 401(k)s, IRAs, Roth IRAs, the stock market, etc., you may be ready to look at the benefits of investing in real estate to ensure you have a portfolio of diversified investments that can make you money in a number of ways. Some of the advantages of residential real estate investment include:
  • Tax benefits of real estate investing.
  • Flexibility to set home rental and leasing prices according to market fluctuations.
  • Control over your investment. You decide when to buy a house or sell a home, what types of property to purchase, and how much work you're willing to put into updating or maintaining a home for rent.
  • Low cost of entry. You don't have to be a millionaire to start investing in residential real estate.
  • The option of monthly rental income from residential property or lump sum income from selling a property. Can be a long- or short-term investment, depending on your needs.

Whatever your real estate needs, Liz Carter & Team Realty is prepared to put our multi-generational, multi-decade family real estate knowledge to work for you. We love making our clients happy. Contact us today to start learning about homes for sale or listing your own house for sale around the Katy, Texas area.
Call (281) 391-7653 or (281) 392-2910 to take the first steps into your real estate adventure with us.
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