Living in Houston, Texas:
The Texas South's New York on the Gulf Coast

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While the Houston, Texas, area got its early American start with Native Americans and German immigrants, it wasn't long before businessmen as far away as New York began to see the advantages of the Gulf Coast port city. Also, in 1901, some Houston properties proved to have rich oil reserves which have boosted the economy and population growth ever since.

Houston is also the birthplace of Liz Carter & Team Realty, at least as far as being the first market that Liz Carter sold real estate in. From there, a passion for the real estate industry plus a passion for this area of Texas grew into a three-generation family business that competes heartily against top real estate companies in the area. As the best realtors in the area, we advertise Houston as having:
If you like the idea of being close to all the benefits of living in a big city, but perhaps want to live somewhere a little more close-knit or family-friendly, you might also consider homes for sale in Katy or Cypress, Texas.
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Houston Real Estate:
Neighborhood Information and Details

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Being as large as it is, Houston has a lot to choose from. Home buyers and sellers have neighborhoods and homes of all prices and in varied locations, from starter homes to luxury properties.

Population of Houston: 2,320,268 (2020 Census Estimate)
Median Household Income: $52,450 (2019)
Median Home Price: $182,800 (2021)
School Districts: There are at least 20 school districts in the Houston metro area. See here  to learn about each one.
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Whether you're looking to move to or from this bustling metropolitan area, Liz Carter & Team Realty can help with buying and selling a home in the Houston area. We love helping our home town!
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