Real Estate Resources:
Buying and Selling a House With a Realtor in Katy, TX

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To address the many questions that our buyers and sellers have about real estate transactions, we've compiled this page of resources to help you understand exactly what to expect when buying or selling a home in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Liz Carter & Team Realty is a dual agency realty service, meaning we represent both buyers and sellers, and we have decades of real estate experience in both areas.

Seller Resources:
How to Sell Your House Quickly and For Top Dollar

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See our Sellers Page for information about why a realtor is the best resource you have to sell your house fast and at a great price.

Keep in mind that everything we know about helping someone buy a house also ultimately helps us serve our clients who want to sell a house. We know both sides of the table, and this makes us uniquely qualified to keep you informed on your real estate transactions in a way that realtors who only sell homes can't do.
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How much is my house worth?
See our Home Value Estimator for details. A home is ultimately worth what someone will pay for it, but this home value calculator helps us find a realistic place to start when determining the value of your home. Your realtor will also have a better idea of what homes are successfully selling for in your area and will use that real estate knowledge to your benefit.
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What should I advertise about my house?
Your realtor is again your best resource here, but besides the obvious hard facts about your house (square footage, etc.), you can also look at the pages we have for each of our common neighborhoods. These pages can help you learn more about the "soft features" like school districts, commuting time to neighboring areas, and more about what makes a home in a particular neighborhood unique and attractive to home buyers.
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How do I prepare my house for sale?
Put your home in the best condition possible. That might mean larger repairs, but can also be simple things such as:
  • Cleaning the windows.
  • Repairing chipped paint.
  • A working doorbell.
  • Clean and tidy rooms and closets. Limit clutter.
  • Making sure appliances and fixtures work.
  • Making your home smell good. Empty the litter box, keep the garbage outside, and even bake a batch of bread or cookies before an open house.
  • A couple of vases of fresh flowers, placed around the house.
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Other topics to discuss with your realtor in-person
  • Short sales. This is when you sell a home for the amount left on the mortgage instead of the full property value.
  • Foreclosures. How is selling foreclosed homes different from a standard sale?
  • Financial resources. Do you have any money set aside for the costs of basic home repairs and other simple steps that make your home more attractive for sale?
  • Current home equity. How much equity already exists in the property?
  • Tips on negotiations. We go to bat for our clients and are ready to use every ethical real estate tool we have to help you get what you need.
  • Accepting an offer. What is reasonable and should you hold out for more?
  • The best time to sell a house. When do people move in your area?
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Buyer Resources:
Finding and Buying Your Dream Home

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Why use a realtor to buy a home?
See our Buyers Page for information about why using a realtor can make the difference in getting you the house and best home loans you want and need.

Check out the amazing neighborhoods we work in most frequently by looking at Our Neighborhoods Page.
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Typically, lenders limit mortgages to a monthly payment that is no more than 28% of your gross income. Combined with all other debts that you have, your debt should not exceed 36% of your gross income. Use our Mortgage Calculator to play around with values and see what you learn. 

You can expect to talk with your licensed real estate agent about the following when considering reasonably priced homes for you:
  • Gross income
  • Cash savings
  • Outstanding debts (Student loans, auto loans, etc.)
  • Credit history
  • Types of mortgages
  • A house and property appraisal required by a mortgage lender
  • Current interest rates
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What houses are for sale?
Go through our current property listings here to see some of our homes for sale.
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What can I expect for closing costs?
Closing costs are the fees associated with completing the paperwork required for the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer. Typically, the buyer pays these fees, but sometimes a realtor can negotiate to have a seller or a mortgage banker to cover the fees, usually estimated at 2% to 3% of the home's value. If the banker covers the fees up front, you should be aware that the cost is worked into the mortgage at some point, so total cost may increase while upfront costs decrease.
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What does my realtor need to know?
In addition to the financial factors mentioned above, to help you find your perfect home, your realtor will also be interested in your needs regarding:
  • Square footage.
  • School districts.
  • Neighborhood features and amenities.
  • Total property size (e.g. - Do you want a big yard? A corner lot?).
  • Particular home features. (Do you want an open floor plan? A master bedroom on the ground floor? And more.)
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How do I find out about property problems or flaws?
Sellers are required to complete disclosure forms that include information from any home appraisals, inspections, and title reports. Additionally, your realtor's knowledge and experience are irreplaceable here. 

Note: You should never consider buying a home without a home inspection. You could lose thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs if you buy a house "as is." Your real estate broker at Liz Carter & Team Realty can help you make arrangements for appraisals and inspections on your behalf.
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Other topics to discuss with your realtor in-person
  • Buying a foreclosed home. This is a home that has been repossessed by a bank.
  • Making offers below or above an asking price. Your realtor knows the best ways to ensure your offer is in contention to be accepted by the seller.
  • Negotiation. How much latitude does your realtor have to negotiate on your behalf? What features are most important to negotiate for you?
  • Real Estate Tax Obligations. Whether you're buying or selling, your realtor can help you know what you need to declare on your tax forms and what information should be handled by a qualified accountant. This is especially applicable for those who are investing in residential real estate instead of buying a home of one's own.


Buying or selling, new or experienced, Liz Carter & Team Realty enjoys helping clients in all stages of home ownership to buy and sell their homes as simply as possible. We take on the hard, detailed work to help you feel more comfortable with what can feel like an intimidating transaction. We know your home is the most important place in your life, and we treat it accordingly. Call today to have the best client advocates in real estate on your side. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call (281) 391-7653 or (281) 392-2910 to take the first steps into your real estate adventure with us.
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