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If there's one thing that can consistently be said about the real estate industry, it is that the real estate business is always changing. It is consistently inconsistent. It can be difficult to keep up on what's happening when you aren't able to give all of your attention to such a complicated field. Luckily, Liz Carter & Team Realty has spent more than 30 years with three generations of family members to build real estate resources that keep us on the forefront of any changes.

It is our pleasure to put these realtor skills to use for our clients who are looking to buy a home in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Houston, Cypress, Richmond, Sugarland, Texas and surrounding areas. We are constantly tracking real estate listings for property for sale, and we know our communities extremely well so that we can help our clients find a property in the neighborhood that is just right for them. 
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Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agency When Buying A New Home

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There are many advantages to enlisting the help of a real estate agent when buying a house. Some of these advantages include having professional help with:
  • Finding houses for sale that meet your needs. We know the listings and the neighborhoods inside and out. If you want a feature, we'll help you find it.
  • Acting as a client advocate. We aren't invested in homes. We're invested in people. This means we don't get tied up in a conflict of interest between sellers and buyers because we are strictly acting in your best interest as our client.
  • Negotiating home repairs with a seller. Being a real estate expert can help this process happen with fewer associated costs and a more secure home for you.
  • Managing a home loan.  While we are not mortgage holders or bankers, we do have extensive experience in helping our clients apply for and know the specific features of different types of mortgages. We even have a mortgage calculator to help you figure out the best home loans for you.
  • The details of closing a contract on a house. There are so many details and so much paperwork. We keep it from getting overwhelming for you and we make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed to get keys in your hand as efficiently as possible.
  • Central coordination. As you can see from the items listed above, there are a lot of moving parts in real estate transactions, and a buyers' agent can be a single contact who helps you coordinate with the many other people and businesses involved in buying a home. This is especially helpful for first-time home buyers.
For additional buyers' resources, please see our Comprehensive Realty Resources page and our First-Time Buyers' page  Much of the information new to first-time buyers is still a helpful reminder for experienced home buyers.


At Liz Carter & Team Realty, we do all this and more to serve our clients, and we do it very well. Check out our Press Release page to see that we don't just consider ourselves the top realtors in the Katy, Texas area; other industry resources recognize our exceptional realty services as well.
Please call us or contact us to set an appointment so we can start relieving your stress and simplifying your home buying experience immediately. We're here to help!

Call (281) 391-7653 or (281) 392-2910 to take the first steps into your real estate adventure with us.
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